5 Reasons Why you should have a NTEP certified scales.

    What is NTEP certified

"NTEP Certification provides confidence that a device will be manufactured in accordance with United States standards as adopted by NCWM and published in Handbook 44."

                                                                                   --- by NCWM




So why we need NTEP certified scales.

 1. avoid heavy fines

    In the United States, when your goods are sold by weight, the law requires your scale to be legal. So, when you are caught using non-NTEP certified scales for trading activities, you may face heavy fines.

 2. Make your customers trust you more

    Generally speaking NTEP certified scales will have two displays, one for the operator and the other for the customer, which will solve your trust issues during trade activities.

 3. The Bureau of Weights and Measures inspects every year

    Every state has its own agencies and departments that monitor scales and inspect them for accuracy. A local weights and measures official will use NIST standards when inspecting your scale, certifying it for use and in most localities, the scale will be sealed (with a sticker showing the date) to prove it’s legal for trade. Scale inspection isn’t a “one and done” process, you’ll have to register your equipment for regular inspections.

4. High precision scale

    Scales that have passed this certification generally have a relatively high level of accuracy, and it can enhance the quality of your business activities.

5. Helping you close more efficient deals

    This type of scale can store multiple unit prices, allowing you to calculate the total amount of the order directly at the time of the transaction, helping you to complete the transaction faster.